The Old Chapel, Burlawn

Calstock and Cothele


Calstock is about 37 miles from Burlawn and has a good car park in its centre.

Calstock is a picturesque village from Cornwall's industrial past, which is now a popular artist's haunt.  The industrial heritage is preserved by the National Trust at Cotehele Quay.  There is also the house and gardens to visit at Cotehele itself.

Drive to Calstock on the River Tamar, about 30 miles from Burlawn.   it is best approached from the north off the A390 between Callington and Tavistock.  Park in the free car park by the river close to the magnificent aqueduct.  Walk along the river by going along the lane called ‘Lower Kelly’.  The lane eventually turns into a track and then a sign points to Cotehele through the wood.

Cotehele is a National Trust property and garden that you can visit.  Or you can by-pass by walking through to the car park.  Walk down from Cotehele house to Cotehele Quay.  It’s a preserved part of Cornwall’s industrial past and you can wander round the village.  Finally, catch the river ferry back from Cotehele Quay to the car park at Calstock!  It goes every hour in the holiday season.  Don’t worry though.  If you miss the ferry, you can walk back the mile and a half or so along the river.

The full description of the route is in the Cornwall edition of the Jarrold Short Walk Series for all the family.