The Old Chapel, Burlawn



Wadebridge sits on the Camel Valley.  It's old narrow bridge dates back to the 15th Century.  By the end of the 20th Century, it was a well known traffic bottleneck for tourist traffic in the summer.  But a new by-pass and bridge was built in the mid-90s and Wadebridge has blossomed.

It is a thriving town with a lot of attractive shops, tea rooms and restaurants.  The range of shops is good enough that most people will find something interesting.  For example, there are specialty butchers and wine merchants if you are planning a meal.  There is a huge shoe shop for walking boots or every day shoes.  There are specialty sports clothing shops for surfers and watersports enthusiasts.  Then there are some fashion stores for clothing.  There are also some arts galleries for works by local artists.

It has a small cinema and, on the edge of town, a leisure centre.  Or for other forms of entertainment, there are plenty of restaurants, coffee shops, etc.

Wadebridge is also the main centre for hiring bikes to go along the Camel Trail.